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Thank you for participating in the Crystal Valley Elves 2020 Toy Drive.

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Toy Drive 2020

Crystal Valley Elves Toy Drive

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What is the CV Elves Toy Drive?

We are just a bunch of awesome neighbors sharing in the holiday spirit by supporting the Carriage Hills @ Crystal Valley Toy Drive for Santa’s Elves.
Castle Rock, CO

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When is the Toy Drive?

We are collecting toys from November 7, 2020 through December 11, 2020.
Our toy collection will be delivered to Santa’s Elves on December 12, 2020.

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Who do our toys go to?

Our toys go to local Denver Metro families in need and are distributed through the Denver Dream Center’s Santa’s Elves holiday program.

How do I become an Elf?

There’s a little magic to being an elf.
But the most important part is having a BIG heart.

Our Crystal Valley Elves are going to make Christmas magical for Denver metro families. We are bringing some holiday cheer and support to our neighbors in need by providing children of all ages with a cheerful and exciting Christmas.

So….let’s put on our elf hats and help Santa bring Christmas to our families.

Can I share our toy drive with others?

Yes! Feel free to let our other neighbors know about our toy drive!

I have questions!

Feel free to submit your questions using the online form or send us a text at 970-703-4937, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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What Types of Toys We Need

Age 0 - 2

Learning Toys
Bath Toys

Age 6-8

Sportsgear (balls, racquets, etc.)
LOL Dolls

Age 13-18

Bath & Body Sets
Sports Gear
$25 Gift Card

Age 3-5


Age 9-12

Science Kits
Sports Gear
Remote Control Cars/Trucks

Does the toy need batteries?

If the toy needs batteries, please make sure to include them!

Drop Off/Send Toys

Unwrapped toys can be dropped off or sent to

Crystal Valley Elves
2749 Echo Park Drive
Castle Rock, CO 80104

If your toy requires batteries, please include the batteries with the gift.

When dropping off or sending toys, please make sure to include a note indicating who the toy is from so we can give our Elves a shout out on our website!

Final date for receiving toys is December 11, 2020.
Please make sure all toys are received by this date to ensure drop-off.

What's the best way to drop off?

We are able to receive toys at almost any time of day. If you are sending via Walmart, Amazon, Target or other major store, feel free to let us know the package is on the way.

If you are delivering personally and want to verify someone is able to receive the toys, send a message to 970-703-4937 and we will let you know the best time to coordinate!

Thank You Elves!

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Contact Our Head Elf

Have a question about how to donate?
Or maybe what toy to buy?
Contact our head elf to get all the information you need to participate in the Crystal Valley Elves Toy Drive 2020.

We are also available via text or phone at 970-703-4937

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